Thursday, February 18, 2010

Motivate and Conquer?

So here we are fully into February, and I've got nary a sale to wink and eye at, let alone enough to quit my day job (which is my new life goal by the way).  I did give away a heaping handful of itsybitsys at Chirstmas, and I have been thinking a lot about design for an itsybitsylogo and business card, but something just isn't working.

I've been thinking lately that maybe I don't want to work exclusively in one medium (sculpey).  What else can I make that is itsy, bitsy, and cute?  Should I get a sewing machine?  Can I even sew?  Will I put the time toward actually setting goals and accomplishing them?

My mind tells me yes on all accounts, but I am missing a key piece - motivation.  I need to find and grasp on to some small success and give massive energy to it.  I am partially motivated by the fact that I absolutely hate being told to "be at work and be seated by the scheduled time"... in fact, that almost fully motivates me lately.  I want to feel good about doing work every day, and lately, being at my current work feels completely miserable.  Every day.

So, with that being said - I need to read more blogs for inspiration, I need to subscribe to more podcasts that will motivate me, and I need to get to sculpting and putting up items in my etsy store.  I am hoping that these things will keep pushing me to think outside the box and figure otu how i can work for myself somehow and enjoy every moment of everyday.

Oh the thought of spring... and not having to sit in my cubicle everyday... 

The picture at the top is a quick sketch I did yesterday of some animal ideas...